Lost in Ohrid

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If you are visiting the Balkans, we provide guided tours in Ohrid Lake Region in Macedonia, tailor made, with small groups, flexible and interactive. When you want to organize event in Ohrid, we can ensure detailed preparation and seamless execution. With our huge network of contacts in the region we can assist you in your academic research, business development, arranging meetings for you or simply helping you to integrate in the Macedonian society and local culture.


We believe that there are many small things that we can do to help the communities in the places where we make our tours. We talk to the local people in order to find out their needs and our team tries to help in any way we can. We establish links between local civil society organizations, businessmen and public institutions in everything we do. Currently we are focused on promoting organic food production. Some of our previous projects included:

Our Style

Our tours are for those who want to escape from the mainstream tourism and simply enjoy:

  • Sunrise in a coastal village, while drinking freshly made coffee
  • The warmth of freshly baked bread in small village bakeries
  • The taste of freshly picked tomatoes and peppers from the local gardens, cherries and peaches straight from the tree
  • The innocent whiteness of home-made cheese
  • The sweetness of honey eaten in the flower gardens where the bees made it
  • The view of stars above the mountains, where you might even discover a new constellation
  • The blue color of clear rivers
  • The scent of mountain flowers in spring
  • Sunset at a fishermen’s settlement, when the colors of the lake vary from light blue to purple and orange…

And all that in a radius of less than 30km!

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