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If you are visiting the Balkans, we provide Ohrid Macedonia travel guided tours in Ohrid Lake Region in Macedonia, tailor made, with small groups, flexible and interactive. When you want to organize event in Ohrid, we can ensure detailed preparation and seamless execution. With our huge network of contacts in the region we can assist you in your academic research, business development, arranging meetings for you or simply helping you to integrate in the Macedonian society and local culture.


We believe that there are many small things that we can do to help the communities in the places where we make our tours. We talk to the local people in order to find out their needs and our team tries to help in any way we can. We establish links between local civil society organizations, businessmen and public institutions in everything we do. Currently we are focused on promoting organic food production. Some of our previous projects included:

beaches in ohrid

Our Style

Our tours are for those who want to escape from the mainstream tourism and simply enjoy:

  • Sunrise in a coastal village, while drinking freshly made coffee
  • The warmth of freshly baked bread in small village bakeries
  • The taste of freshly picked tomatoes and peppers from the local gardens, cherries and peaches straight from the tree
  • The innocent whiteness of home-made cheese
  • The sweetness of honey eaten in the flower gardens where the bees made it
  • The view of stars above the mountains, where you might even discover a new constellation
  • The blue color of clear rivers
  • The scent of mountain flowers in spring
  • Sunset at a fishermen’s settlement, when the colors of the lake vary from light blue to purple and orange…

And all that in a radius of less than 30km!

Networking Services

Are you an academic doing your degree on a topic connected with Macedonia or the Balkan region; or a businessman who wants to start a business and needs to research the market in an informal way; or an artist searching for inspiration? Or are you just someone who intends to live and work in Macedonia for a longer period of time, and you want to integrate into everyday life and meet real people as soon as possible? We are what you need! Our local team is composed of people coming from various academic and professional backgrounds.

We can assist you in your field research, in finding the right contacts, making your schedule, translating at your meetings, and introduce you to local people and places that are useful for you. We can save your time and energy, because we know the local culture, and after each day you spend with us, you will become more and more familiar with the issues that interest you. Of course we know there is the internet and there are travel books and TV, but we believe that direct experience is the best. We believe in the old folk saying: “The person who holds the cat by the tail gets 100% more experience than the one just looking on! ”

lake ohrid

lake ohrid

Organizing Tours

We have small groups – Our tours are designed for individuals or small groups. We offer personalized trips, with people that you choose. During the tour you get more one-on-one guide attention than in the standard group tours. You can book our tours according to your needs and schedule.

We are flexible & interactive – Since you can take a tour even with as few as two people, our tours provide ultimate flexibility and are therefore ideal for: singles looking to adventure with a friend; couples touring together; honeymooners seeking a romantic getaway; elderly who want easy going pace or families and small groups wishing to explore different lands and cultures in an authentic setting. Upon your request we can arrange visits to local families, where you can interact directly with local people.

We keep it local – Ohrid Macedonia travel guides and partners are local people – born and living in the places they cover. They know the places from experience, not through books. They will tell you about the habits of the locals. What types of apartments in Downtown Dallas or rentals they live in, and the hidden places off the beaten track, and the authentic traditions. They will gladly give you tips on how to use the best your free time.

The Bike and City Tour

When was the last time you took your bicycle out for a ride in the park? Can’t remember? Well, then, perhaps, it’s time to prove you can still do it! We will lead you through the urban part of the town and its hidden quarters that are rarely visited by the tourists. We will wander around the streets and immerse ourselves in the real everyday life of Ohrid citizens. In the middle of the tour, we stop for a snack with a local family, where you have an opportunity to chat with the locals.

Genuine Ohrid Tour

If you want to experience spirituality, nature and culture in approximately 3 hours and less than 1km2, this is the right tour for you! Ohrid – 8000 years of history, 3 million year old lake, the center of Christianity since the 3rd century, the seat of ancient Macedonian dynasties and the first Slavic University in Europe (9th c.) , the home of the Cyrillic Alphabet. Enjoy the breathtaking view from Kaneo and the magic of the early Christian and medieval churches. We can also stop for lunch at the end of the tour. We can take a tour with a small boat to take us back to the center.

ohrid macedonia

Donkey Safari

Before cars and bikes were invented, people used donkeys and horses. Enjoyable donkey ride in untouched natural and rural scenery, with the possibility of picking herbs and forest fruits. Afterwards we walk up the mountain slopes and visit the church complex, where we eat homemade food.

Iron Gate Tour

Discover the breathtaking views over a scenic canyon, enjoy delicious organic food and wine produced in the region, and explore the wonderful natural beauties around Demir Kapija. The tour includes a guided walk round the town, and a hike to the village of Koprishnica. Also included is lunch with a local family in the beautiful surroundings of the village of Dren. Optional is wine tasting in local vineries.

Orthodox Pilgrimage

Are you searching for a mystical religious experience? Or is your dream about visiting a sacred place of great value to your spiritual convictions? In this tour we can make your dream come true. Starting with Ohrid – home of 365 churches, one for each day in the year, and then we can take you to other sanctuaries where you can see preserved fresco paintings, icons and mosaics dating back as far as 4th century. The peace and harmony that radiates from these holy places will easily make you connect with your spiritual higher self.

Our Philosophy

We believe in inspiration as a driving force for all that exists We want to make dreams come true We think traveling is one of the easiest ways to do this We like to relax and enjoy our holidays surrounded by natural beauty, without disturbing other people and animals that enjoy it as well We keep the environment clean We respect animal and plant life We interact with local people as much as possible in order to avoid turning local communities into “human ZOOs” We listen to local music that local people play and dance traditional dances with them We want to learn the local legends from the elderly people and inherit some of their wisdom

We empower local people by buying the food they produce and using the services they offer We want to connect with people who have similar ideas about tourism We don’t want mass tourism We don’t want to leave our signature in plastic bottles and other garbage all over the places we visit. We don’t want loud crowded places made of concrete and decorated with artificial greenery


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